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Birch Ply

Birch Ply

At Southern Timber we now stock Finnish BB and BB/CP grade plywood that are notable for their hard surface and attractive visual appearance, which when sanded forms an excellent base for further finishing.

Birch plywood comprises thin veneers of birch cross-banded and with face veneers that can be both long grain and cross grain. It is an environmentally friendly, durable and easily worked material that is available in a variety of sizes and grades. Birch Plywood has a wide variety of applications including interior and exterior use in building and construction, transport, packaging, furniture, joinery and many others.

Standard BB Birch panel sizes are 2440 x 1220 and are normally available from stock in the popular thicknesses of 9mm, 12mm and 18mm.

Also available to special order in B and S grades, 3050 x 1525 sheets and additional thicknesses of 4mm, 6.5mm, 5mm and 24mm.

The quality of Birch Plywood is defined according to its face veneer grades:

B For high quality, painting, staining and lacquering, some selection may be required. Mainly white veneers with no patches. Minimal light discolouration permitted.

BB Suitable for interior paint finish, overlays, films and veneering. Knots or holes over 6mm are replaced by oval or butterfly wood patches up to 20 per sheet. Dark and light sound knots allowed.

CP Solid repaired wood patches up to 40 allowed, but generally no more than BB grade. Heavy staining allowed.

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